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Running Idena

To connect to Idena mainnet network run executable without parameters. idena-go uses go-ipfs and private ipfs network to store data.

CLI parameters

  • --config Use custom configuration file
  • --datadir Node data directory (default datadir)
  • --rpcaddr RPC listening address (default localhost)
  • --rpcport RPC listening port (default 9009)
  • --ipfsport IPFS P2P port (default 40405)
  • --ipfsportstatic Prevent changing IPFS port (default false)
  • --ipfsbootnode Set custom bootstrap node
  • --fast Use fast sync (default true)
  • --verbosity Log verbosity (default 3 - Info)
  • --nodiscovery Do not discover another nodes (default false)
  • --profile=lowpower Reduce bandwidth usage
  • --apikey Set RPC API key
  • --logfilesize Set maximum log file size in KB (default 10240)

JSON config

Custom json configuration can be used if --config=<config file name> parameter is specified. Use server IPFS profile if you run idena-go on VPS to prevent local network scanning.

"DataDir": "datadir",
"P2P": {
"MaxInboundPeers": 12,
"MaxOutboundPeers": 6
"RPC": {
"HTTPHost": "localhost",
"HTTPPort": 9009
"IpfsConf": {
"Profile": "server",
"IpfsPort": 40405,
"BlockPinThreshold": 0.3,
"FlipPinThreshold": 0.5
"Sync": {
"FastSync": true

Full node

A full node verifies all blocks and states during synchronization. To run full synchronization:

idena-go --fast=false

By default, blocks and flips are pinned in local ipfs storage with 30% and 50% probability respectively. If you want to pin (save) locally all blocks and flips, set 1 for BlockPinThreshold and FlipPinThreshold.

Local automine node


For debug purposes you can run local automine node with this config.

"IpfsConf": {
"BootNodes": [],
"Profile": "server",
"IpfsPort": 60606
"RPC": {
"HTTPHost": "localhost",
"HTTPPort": 9111
"GenesisConf": {
"GodAddress": "0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000",
"FirstCeremonyTime": 1700000000
"Consensus": {
"Automine": true
"Validation": {
"ValidationInterval": 300000000000,
"FlipLotteryDuration": 10000000000,
"ShortSessionDuration": 40000000000,
"LongSessionDuration": 40000000000,
"AfterLongSessionDuration": 10000000000
"Network": 3


  • GodAddress - the address which refers to private key in nodekey file. So, when you are running automine node, you should see log in console Coinbase address addr=<addr> with this address. This address will mine coins if network has 0 valid identities;
  • FirstCeremonyTime - timestamp of first validation ceremony;
  • Validation section - duration of each validation period in nanoseconds;
  • Network - should be different from 1 or 2, any uint32 number
  • Ipfs bootnodes - array of bootstrap nodes in case of running multiple local nodes

For more detailed configuration please see config structure