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Idena Improvement Proposals

If you wish to submit IIP, first propose your idea to Github discussion or Idena discord #platform-suggestions. After discussion, please open a PR. After copy-editing and acceptance, it will be published here.

Having a IIP here does not make it a formally accepted standard until its status becomes Final.

1Idena Improvement Proposal ProcessmidenaioMetaActive
2Change the time of the validation ceremonymidenaioStandardFinal
3Voting discriminationZenStandardFinal🇷🇺
4Quadratic StakingmidenaioStandardFinal🇷🇺
5Mining rewards based on Quadratic stakingmidenaioStandardFinal🇷🇺
6Quadratic invitation rewardsmidenaioStandardFinal🇷🇺
7Quadratic rewards for extra flipsmidenaioStandardFinal🇷🇺
8Pool voting rightsZenStandardFinal
9Change the epoch lengthmidenaioStandardFinal
10Stake protection for Zombie statusmidenaioStandardFinal
11Increasing the cost of 51% attackmidenaioStandardFinal
12Locking invitee rewardsmidenaioStandardFinal
13Sending the rewards of penalized identities to the zero walletZenStandardReview