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IIP-2: Change the time of validation ceremony

Author: midenaio

Status: Final

Type: Standard

Created: 2023-06-22



Change the time of validation ceremony from 13:30 UTC to 15:00 UTC


This proposal is aimed to make the time of the validation ceremony accessible for people located in the Western Hemisphere and encourage broader participation in that region. As validations fall on Saturdays (see IIP-9), the later validation time in the Eastern Hemisphere is justified by the next non-working day.


New validation time for different time zones:

  • GMT 15:00
  • San Francisco, USA 8:00
  • New York, USA 11:00
  • Tunis, Tunisia 16:00
  • Berlin, Germany 17:00
  • Cairo, Egypt 18:00
  • Moscow, Russia 18:00
  • Delhi, India 20:30
  • Jakarta, Indonesia 22:00
  • Beijing, China 23:00
  • Seoul, South Korea 00:00 + 1 day
  • Sydney, Australia 01:00 + 1 day
  • Auckland, New Zealand 03:00 + 1 day
  • Honolulu, Hawaii, USA 05:00 + 1 day

Security Considerations

There are no risks for the Idena protocol associated with this proposal.

IIP-2 status

Previously IIP-2 was withdrawn, despite receiving support from the majority of the network, because the proposal did not achieve a dominant majority. However, due to the decrease in the number of users in Asia, this proposal is renewed with the same number as IIP-2.