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Community resources#

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  • fairdrop - Fair Airdrops in a snap
  • idenary - Fresh air, a colorful game and art project


  • - The comprehensive How-to Guide and FAQ about running Idena node on VPS
  • Idena Apps - community-driven directory of all Idena resources
  • - Chinese Forum and announcements website for Idena
  • Idena Arabic - Arabic website about Idena project



  • Paper wallet - A Lightweight web wallet for Idena
  • Paper wallet - Paper wallet for DNA crypto currency
  • My-Idena - Idena wallet app for iOS/Android
  • Idena Ledger - Idena wallet application framework for Nano S and Nano X
  • Idena CLI wallet - Idena Comand line wallet for managing idena without using idena client


  • Chrome extension - Unofficial chrome extension which adds extra information to official blockchain explorer


  • Discord bot - Discord bot to authenticate users with Idena
  • Price bot - Telegram price, charts and whalewatcher

Usefull links#