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Idena affiliate program

To encourage and reward Idena ambassadors, advocates, local community leaders, influencers, and everyone who spreads the word about Idena, we introduce the Idena referral program! The program offers an opportunity to earn rewards for new validated identities they bring to the network.

Referral program mechanics

  • Apply for participation by submitting Referral link request form. Get approved and get your personal referral link;
  • Educate your community about Idena;
  • Share your referral link, motivate your audience to join and help them to get an invite by tweeting about Idena;
  • Help your invitees through the onboarding process, remind them about the validation ceremony and help them get validated;
  • After the validation ceremony you will get rewarded for each validated identity referred by you.

The identity is considered a referee if the following conditions are met:


For large affiliates (10 or more issued invites per epoch) the reward for a validated invite depends on the validation success rate of the affiliate.

For small affiliates (less than 10 issued invites per epoch) the reward for a validated invite is fixed.

Validation success rateReward for one validated invite (large affiliates)Reward for one validated invite (small affiliates)
Less than 40%10 iDNA10 iDNA
40-75%20 iDNA10 iDNA
75-90%30 iDNA10 iDNA
More than 90%50 iDNA10 iDNA

The validation success rate of the affiliate is calculated as follows:

Validation success rate = ( Number of validated invites / Number of issued invites ) * 100%

Affiliate identity status

To get rewarded, the affiliate should own an identity, which status is both:

  • validated, and
  • not delegated

The affiliate submits the address of this identity in the application form above as payment address.

The status of the identity is checked for the epoch when the invites are shared. If the identity of the payment address does not comply with these requirements, the reward will not be paid.

Reward fund

Affiliate rewards are paid from the Idena Foundation Wallet.

The reward fund is limited to 20 000 iDNA. The payment order is determined by the invite issue time: earlier invites are rewarded first.

The Idena team reserves the right to change and adjust these terms or cancel reward payments for individual affiliates in case of abuse.