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Idena affiliate program#

To encourage and reward Idena ambassadors, advocates, local community leaders, influencers, and everyone who spreads the word about Idena, we introduce the Idena referral program! The program offers an opportunity to earn rewards for new validated identities they bring to the network.

Referral program mechanics#

  • Apply for participation by submitting Referral link request form. Get approved and get your personal referral link;
  • Educate your community about Idena;
  • Share your referral link, motivate your audience to join and help them to get an invite by tweeting about Idena;
  • Help your invitees through the onboarding process, remind them about the validation ceremony and help them get validated;
  • After the validation ceremony contact the core team and get rewarded for each validated identity referred by you.

The identity is considered a referee if the following conditions are met:


The reward is set to 50 iDNA for a validated invite and paid from the foundation wallet.

The Idena team reserves the rights to change and adjust these terms in case necessary.