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Flip challenge

We consider AI as an important part of the Idena project to improve the flip challenge and announce a contest for AI researchers and practitioners with a $55,000 reward cascade to develop an open AI instrument.

We welcome AI researchers and practitioners to develop an open source AI instrument for solving flips. Idena will award the following prizes (paid in iDNA, the Idena blockchain coin) to the first individual or a team to break respective accuracy in solving flips using with a verifiable proof:

Minimum accuracyPrizeCascade prizeStatus
71%$1,000$1,000No winner
72%$2,000$3,000No winner
73%$3,000$6,000No winner
74%$4,000$10,000No winner
75%$5,000$15,000No winner
76%$6,000$21,000No winner
77%$7,000$28,000No winner
78%$8,000$36,000No winner
79%$9,000$45,000No winner
80%$10,000$55,000No winner

Flip Challenge Rules

The applicant that will be able to show consistent accuracy (average for 3 epochs) will receive the corresponding prize cascade. For example, if the average accuracy reached is 72.5% the prize cascade of $1,000+$2,000 =$3,000 (equivalent amount in iDNA) will be paid.

In case if 2 or more algorithms apply at the same testing time the prize amount will be paid on first come first serve basis according to the accuracy reached. For example, if there is the first participant who reached 72,5% and the second one who reached 74% then the prize cascade of $3,000 will be paid to the first participant and $3,000+$4,000=$7,000 will be paid to the second participant.

Eligible AI algorithms should provide friendly API, be open source, cross-platform and must work without internet connection. AI instrument will be integrated into the Idena app for flip patterns detection.

AI should be trained on the dataset of flips that currently available in the Idena blockchain explorer. Idena team will use the limited number of invites to collect out of sample flips for contestants' AI testing.

Flip challenge committee: The contest is designed and administered by the Idena team.

Protocol: to be specified

The Idena team reserves the right to cancel or amend the flip challenge and these rules and conditions.