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Idena app URL scheme dna://

Idena desktop app supports handling URL with the following format:


Currently version v1 must be used.

There are following methods supported:

  1. Sending DNA coins: send
  2. Open Oracle voting: vote
  3. Authentication with a client's public key: signin
  4. Sign and send a raw transaction: raw
  5. Send invite transaction: invite

1. Send iDNA coins

URL example for sending DNA coins:


Once send transaction is successfully sent by user the callback_url will be opened in the user's browser with tx hash parameter as follows:

See more details about Send iDNA with Idena App.

2. Open Oracle voting

URL example for opening Oracle voting form:


3. Sign-in with Idena

URL example for signing in with Idena public address:


See more details about Sign-in with Idena.

4. Sign and send a raw transaction

URL example:


See more details about Send raw transactions with Idena App.

5. Send invitation to address

URL example for sending invitation to the specified address:


See more details about Send invites with Idena App.