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Send iDNA

You can use URL to send iDNA coins. Simple example:

iDNA coins can be sent using either Idena Web App or Idena Desktop App. It's recommended to use Idena Web App as a default method for sending iDNA. Users who have no Idena Web App account can send the coins with the Idena Desktop App by clicking Open in Idena app link below.


The Idena Desktop App pops up automatically when the user clicks dna://send/... URL.

URL format

URL example for sending iDNA with Idena Web App:

URL example for sending DNA coins using Idena Desktop App:



  • address(*): recipient's Idena wallet address
  • amount(*): amount of iDNA coins that will be sent
  • comment: text data that will be recorded into transaction payload
  • callback_url: specified URL that must return correct json for Content-Type: application-json request or html for Content-Type: text/html request
  • callback_format: json/html specifies if the callback_url supports json format or not (default: html)

(*) - required parameters

Callback URL with html format

By default the web page specified in callback_url will be automatically opened in the user's browser once the SentTx is sent to network. Callback URL example:

tx parameter specifies the hash of the SendTx transaction.

Callback URL with json format (advanced)

We recommend you to use callback_format=json parameter to get transaction hash on your server before SendTx transaction is sent to network. Endpoint specified in callback_url will be called with tx parameter. Callback URL example (Content-Type: application-json):

Callback URL should return the following response:

"success": true,
"url": "https://..."

Error response example:

"success": false,
"url": "https://..."
"error": "This is the error message that will be shown to the user"

Once successful response is received, SendTx transaction will be sent to the network and the following dialog will be displayed:


When Continue button is clicked the web page specified in url will open in the user's browser.